Head office service

Head office in Budapest (IXth, XVIIIth District)

You would like to have an address for your company from Budapest, and you wouldn’t like to go into the crowded city? You can do everything on a single place! Company establishment, amendment, head office, bookkeeping.

XVIII. District, Aranyeső Street 8.
One corner far from the Üllői Road, with a spacious and free parking possibility in front of the office.

Head office in Budapest: a maximum of 3,800 HUF + VAT/month

Head office in Tésa

Head office service in settlement Tésa, which is free of local business tax (IPA) payment duty.

The resolution of the municipality of Tésa about those companies which would put the head office to Tésa because of the savings related to local business tax.
Keep the local business tax for your company, don’t pay unnecessarily!
At the calculation of local business tax it is not essential where do you keep contact with you customers, where do you perform the services!

Head office in Tésa: a maximumof 5,800 HUF + VAT/month