Bookkeeping prices

Pricelist of Accounting Tasks (based on annual net income)
Accounting of “sleeping” company (with negative declaration about activity): HUF 5,000 + VAT (HUF 6,350)
Creating regulations, update once: HUF 15.000 + VAT (HUF 19.050.-)
Company 0-8 million HUF income: HUF 15,000/month + VAT (HUF 19,050)
Company 8-20 million HUF income: HUF 20,0000/month + VAT (HUF 25,400)
Company 20-50 million HUF income: HUF 30,0000/month + VAT (HUF 38,100)
Company 50-125 million HUF income: 40,000/month +VAT (HUF 50,800)
Company 125-300 million HUF income: HUF 50,000/month +VAT (HUF 63,500)
Company 300-800 million HUF income: HUF 80,000/month + VAT (HUF 101,600)
Company over 800 million HUF income: by arrangement
Reporting employees: FREE!
Reporting simplifield (casual) employees: 200/case +VAT

When signing the contract we request fee of accounting fee

We charge + 1 month fee at re-agreeing after quitting the contract

The accounting fee contains the payroll for one person!

In case of request we do (with personal give-in for the fast and effective administration)
Sickness and child care benefits, social insurance and EU social insurance identity card request(with personal give-in for the fast and effective administration) HUF 2.400.-/case + VAT
Representation in front of official bodies with entrust(tax investigation) for the companies we account: HUF 5.000.-/process + VAT
Financial reports and tax returns: in case of “sleeping” companies uniformly: +1 month fee of accounting service (same as the actual fee) +3.000.- + VAT
Preparing mid-year balance: +1 month fee of accounting service (same as the actual fee)
Data service for competition, credit application: HUF 5.000.-/competition/loan + VAT
Continous dataservice for won tender: HUF 3.000.-/month + VAT
Certificates of tax and residence:

  • personal administration:
  • by electronic request:
HUF 2.000.-/certificate + VAT FREE!
Negative declaration of government (with personal give-in for the fast and effective administration): HUF 2.000.-/certificate + VAT
Tax advice, tax plan: HUF 15.000.-/hour + VAT
Filling KOCKERD questionnaire: HUF 3.000.-/questionnaire + VAT
If Tax Governement prescribes tax cnsultant’s countersign for reports adn returns its fee: 20.000.-/report + VAT
Short consultation for starting companies: HUF 3.000.-/30 minutes + VAT (the amount will be discounted in case of contracting with us for accounting tasks)
Detailed consultation for companies: HUF 10.000.-/hour + VAT