Company establishment

Issues arising prior to company establishment

Company establishment, but what entrepreneurial form should it be? Where should the company’s head office be? Who and how, with what sum would they form the company? What activities would the company perform? Who would be the manager of the enterprise and what rights would he/she have? Etc…

For you to choose, which entrepreneurial form is the most favourable for You, you have to be aware of the effective legal regulations and possibilities. Ask and inform about it before the company establishment! In case you have questions, we are happy to offer detailed information and council.

Following company establishment and company registration each newer company amendment would have its financial cost and/or time as well. There are such company amendments as well which would not possible at once (e.g. VAT turn). Unnecessarily spent money and time can be saved, if you think twice at the beginning, which is the best entrepreneurial form for you, and you choose the one, which is the most suitable for your demands. Of course you have to establish a company, which would fit your requirements in the best possible way and which would utilize the possibilities offered by the presently effective laws to the greatest extent.

On the basis of taking the now existing effective rules into consideration we suggest for most of our customers to establish an Ltd.!